Blonde Bombshell On The End Of Bizzare Social Media Company Decision

Professional athletes who generate significant numbers and are deemed of interest with quotes given to the public domain, more often than not, are verified on social media company platforms.

Be it Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Boxing falls into this as a largely web-driven sport.

It has been for sometime but in the years ahead, will be, even more, like every other thing in this world.

The internet, though, like anything or anyone, isn’t perfect and is a work in progress.

Indeed, many executives at big companies in America are finding out about this right now from the powers that be at the moment in various cases.

Things can always improve and get better, like us all, or anything Almighty God created on this Earth progress is incremental, one second and one iteration at a time.

However, when it comes to boxing, the internet can be a useful tool for fighters. Actually, it is vital for them, really. Essential.

Case in point, Australian boxing sensation Ebanie Bridges this year for instance.

One of the big stories in boxing this year for sure.

Her and Claressa Shields are by far the biggest names in women’s boxing this year in America numbers-wise. At the end of the day, no matter what anyone says, it’s always about the numbers. Everything is a business in this world and boxing is no different. These boxers need as much access to these tools to market themselves as possible, particularly in this rapidly technologically moving world.

Bridges has posted the following:

Bridges has been one of the standout stories in boxing this year so the above doesn’t make much sense.

No doubt in time it will be put right but just another added motivation.

Boxing will finish the year strong all in all, illustrated across the board – with some great fights coming up to look forward to. Can’t wait. The best is yet to come with a heck of amount of fights from here until end of year.

Roll on.


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