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Canelo Alvarez vs Caleb Plant Fight Details Confirmed

Boxing’s biggest star, and in the eyes of many, the current pound for pound best fighter in the world, Mexico’s Canelo Alvarez’ next fight has now being confirmed.

He will take on the highly skilled world champion Caleb Plant next up.

Here is the date and venue:

As expected, even though professional boxing fell on some hard times during the last month or so, in terms of fight cancellations due to the world situation, it will still finish the year strong.

Boxing is not cursed and will do great to finish the year. Look at what the sport has done the last couple of years, overall, huge progress. Achieved in such an adverse time due to the world situation.

The best is yet to come for boxing and Alvarez will be a part of this. He appears to be improving fight to fight and still getting better, relentless mentality, which is what is what is appropriate and what is needed. Success comes with a price.

Say what you want about Alvarez but he is keeping more busy than any current world champion at the moment.

During these unprecendented times.

This will be the third time he has fought this year.

It shows it is possible for boxing to still keep its best fighters active if it wants.

The fact he is a network free agent gives him a big advantage to this.

Perhaps he will then at Christmas look at what has been most beneficial to his career this year, in terms of where he fights next year.

Business is business and without doubt, Alvarez remains boxing’s biggest star at the moment.

And, without doubt, one of the best fighters to watch.


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