Watch: Oscar Valdez Goes 30-0 In Latest Win

WBC featherweight champion Oscar Valdez of Mexico went 30-0 last Friday night in Tucson.

A unanimous points decision was enough to get the job done in the end.

For anyone who missed it, here are the fight highlights:

(hat tip Top Rank YouTube)

Valdez appears to be a fighter who fights to the level of competition.

Upon observation, he needs that big fight, that difficult fight, to get the purest, best out him, seemingly.

Always the same with the best champions.

The good news is there are lots of competitors in and around that weight class to satiate that requirement to bring the best out of him.

A stacked time for all the lower weight classes at the moment.

An excellent fight to look forward to shortly in Herring vs Stevenson.

Yes, boxing has had a lot of bad luck lately with fights falling out but still lots to look forward to, and there will be more, before end of the year.


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