Current US President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump got into the boxing world’s news, a bit, this week, with the latter mentioning a boxing match against Biden.

Two old timers who of course won’t be stepping into the ring but heck, with the way this crazy world and in particular, some of the match ups in boxing and combat sports are going in Florida, who knows.

Trump had commentated at this weekend’s Vitor Belfort vs Evander Holyfied and with it being a somber weekend for America, given the tragic circumstances twenty years ago of 9/11, Biden had this to say on Trump this weekend:

All politics is garbage really but for balance, it is important to note Trump proved very popular this weekend in Florida with this already nearly having two million views currently:

Nothing against Biden, seems like a good guy, but things dramatically declining at the moment for his administration. Sad to see as you can never wish bad on anyone. Hopefully they can turn things around soon.

Again, we don’t support politics, it is brain dead garbage at its best, but for balance, Trump proved also popular even in New York where he also turned up:

Thoughts and prayers with the victims and the vast amount of subsequent deaths twenty years ago caused.

On both sides thereafter that the events of twenty years ago caused after the attacks.

Would be lost without Americans the last seven years or so, be it work, family and friends. America will always be home.

Not a perfect country, sure, okay, like nothing or no one, other than God, but, that said, still the best country in the world and will always be an important one.

Too bad and not good to see the divided turmoil going on above, with all the garbage politics. Throw all politics completely in the bin.


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Deontay Wilder On His Key To Victory In Tyson Fury 3 Fight