Mike Tyson Reveals Lennox Lewis 2 and Boxing Heavyweight Champion

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is already back in training for another exhibition in the ring.

Last November Tyson fought fellow boxing legend Roy Jones in a bout that ended in a draw but captured world attention.

Tyson is now planning something even bigger.

This December Tyson confirmed on the Michael Franzese YouTube show that he will take on Lennox Lewis for a second time.

Not only that, he mentioned after that, he plans on taking on current heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua in an exhibition:

I started training. I want to get this exhibition over with Lennox Lewis. Then probably my next one would be Joshua and Tyson.”

Astonishing stuff.

For the full show check it out here:

For Tyson’s first fight with former undisputed heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis check it out here:


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