Blonde Bombshell Grabs Attention With New Weigh In Outfit

Australian female boxing sensation Ebanie Bridges returns to action this weekend in the UK.

Fighting for the fourth time this year already.

Bridges comes into Saturday’s bout off the back of a stoppage win only last month against Bec Connolly.

Intent on improving as quickly as possible and maximising her fight ability in the ring, Bridges has once again grabbed attention too for her new weigh-in outfit:

Bridges has shown she can fight at this point and if she were to win a possible rematch with champion Shannon Courteney, who defeated earlier in the year, could be in play later in the year.

It was regarded as one of the great fights in women’s boxing so far this year.

Bridges currently holds a professional boxing record of 6-1-3 KO and has proven to be one of the big stories of the year in boxing.

This weekend another chapter of it awaits.


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