The Most Important Punch In Boxing and The Man Who Embodied It Best

The Most Important Punch In Boxing and The Man Who Embodied It Best

Isn’t it funny.

Many aspects of sport and certainly professional boxing, even, seemingly change over time.

Hence on the word seemingly.

But the truth is, like the truth itself, the word of God that is, and God, they never change. Ever.

Despite noise, distractions and all the bells and whistles, and irrelevant, flavour of the month, news-cycle themed, ways of the world.

It’s always the same stuff, when you really break the world down, just repackaged with different timing, speed, distribution methods or aesthetics.

Okay, in boxing, concededly, boxers are bigger today than before in terms of the heavyweights and sports science, nutrition, and recovery methods have allowed for professionals fighters (fighters who fight for money and for a prize) to improve.

But boxing is still the same at its core as a sport.

One key thing hasn’t changed in the punch output needed in boxing, that surely anyone would agree on, is one punch.

The importance of the jab.

Still considered the most important punch in boxing.

It still, to this day, sets up everything, both defensively and offensively, needed for a sound, well-rounded professional fighter to bring with them in the ring.

Who was the best ever with the jab, though?

Many think this guy, former heavyweight champion Larry Holmes, was, and is, still, the best jab sweet science technician ever.

Holmes, a real lab coat notebook individual in the sweet science of boxing with that jab. Unbelievable jab really:

(Hat tip Rainy Day Boxing)

“Come a long way…”