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Boxing needs as much eyeballs as it can get.

No doubt about that.

As does, any sport.

Professional sport that is.

Boxing has always found itself part of the entertainment industry.

When you go back, even, to Cus D’Amato, trainer of Mike Tyson.

He put it well one time.

He said once:

A professional fighter needs to know how to hit and not get hit, and be exciting.”

Hence on the last part. Pro boxers need to sell tickets and TV ratings at the end of the day.

Okay, excitement might not be these YouTube stars for many people. Granted. Totally understand.

But, to a younger a generation, they seem to be interested in them.

Even if you look at last weekend’s Jake Paul event.

Puerto Rican female boxer Amanda Serrano, widely considered to be one of the best women boxers ever, benefitted from much more exposure than usual.

This now not only helps her, and women’s boxing, but could in theory make a potential world title fight with champion Katie Taylor even bigger.

Daniel Dubois and Tommy Fury of the UK also got to make American debuts last weekend.

Even if the Paul boxing career falls apart and say, they put him in there with Tommy Fury next up, who ends the show, what a short blazing journey it was by Paul.

He got people not usually interested in boxing from a younger generation, from a different demographic within that age category, talking about boxing.

In many ways, the guy is a genius. That said, obviously, look, we know this isn’t top tier professional boxing.

Of course.

We get it.

Like many things that come and go in boxing, very few ever stay over the long-term.

That last the test of time when all is said and done.

However, even if that is the case here, enjoy it for what it is.

Certainly professional fighters on the undercards of these events are getting increased pay days and audience expansion for their hard work.

That can only be a positive thing.

Always with a healthy caveat emptor.


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Son Of Boxing Legend And Blonde Bombshell Return This Weekend

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