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George Foreman On The Best Boxer He Ever Saw

Heavyweight boxing is charted with many great champions down through the decades and chronicles of the sweet science.

While heavyweights in today’s times are bigger than those of years gone by, with the likes of Alexander Usyk of the Ukraine who challenges Anthony Joshua soon, sharing roughly the same dimensions height and weight-wise as former champion George Foreman, some things hold true to both Usyk’s and Foreman’s respective eras.

Keeping the faith, even in the most adverse of times, hard work, focus, discipline, self-control and ability.

Going further back than Foreman, Joe Louis is considered one of the great heavyweights that ever lived and in the opinion of Foreman:

George Foreman on Twitter: “The best Boxer I ever saw was “Joe Louis” no one has surpassed him. Well, taught and gifted condition”

High praise indeed.

Louis was known as the ‘Brown Bomber’ with a textbook right hand and fundamentals, very advanced technique and ability for his time in many ways.

His one punch power an obvious advantage in his repertoire, moreover.

For a look back on some of his best moments this is quite good:

(Hat tip Reznick)

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