Manny Pacquiao One Of The Greatest Fighters That Ever Lived

Manny Pacquiao One Of The Greatest Fighters That Ever Lived

Just getting an opportunity to catch up on some of the Manny Pacquiao highlights from the past weekend.

Full credit to Cuban Ugas.

We mentioned not to write him off going into the fight and alas, father time finally caught up with the great Manny Pacquiao.

Still an excellent fighter and someone who has giving so much not only to boxing but to humanity.

An outstanding fighter and human being.

All things considering, resume, level of competition, tenure of career as a professional and the fact he has won titles in eight divisions, without doubt, make him one of the best ever fighters of all time.

Whatever is next, we wish him nothing the best in what has been a brilliant career.

Quick reader update.

Mexico is epic, more boxing to come soon here. Viva Mexico.

This couldn’t have worked out better. What goes around come around.

As for other smaller snaky corrupt government crap weather places, good riddance, big mistakes recently on a waste of time trip back, never again, investment already slowed from large corporations around the world into there quicker than we thought, what goes around comes around. Maybe their corrupt government will get hit with twenty or thirty cases down the road, who knows. No doubt things won’t work it too well there now. Don’t believe everything in main stream media. Money talks, bs walks. Trust no one fully other than God.

Things not looking too good for certain other big countries either. Ungrateful people, messed up now, their dimwitted administration likely will not survive another six months anyway, big countries around the world catching up by the day, Karma, what goes around comes around, call it what you will, God to us, always wins in the end. Good always defeats evil. Always.

Crazy times with this climate change stuff as well. Not surprised to see parts of California and Turkey burning to the ground as we speak.

All these predictions continue to come through, a gift and a curse at this stage.

The sun and professional boxing is all we need anyway, look after yourselves in what in some parts of the world, is clearly still a very deceitful and crazy time.

Back soon with plenty of boxing action. Plenty to look forward to.