George Foreman and Muhammad Ali are two names synonymous with the sport of boxing.

Not just for their stellar accomplishments in the ring, but, moreover, what they stood for and how they helped people outside of it.

Speaking on a fun moment between the two that went unnoticed up until now, Foreman told one fan:

Great stuff.

Pity more not around like the two these days.

The term ‘humanitarian’ and ‘diplomats’ is not worth the paper they are written on in some governments these days. There is a difference between government and a nation, after all. It is always the ones you least suspect. Not always the governments in these poorer countries or Eastern countries.

Some of the aforementioned are the most selfish, corrupt and deceitful of all, working behind shady and nameless Embassies, claiming to help people in poorer countries and doing peace keeping work, when really, it is just a shameless, easy to see through way, now tiresome, redundant and binned PR strategy to try to make themselves look good. Wrong.

Some of these crooked and corrupt diplomats, civil servants, Embassies and politicians must think people were born yesterday.

While a small few may fall for the social media State sponsored media outlet bull, most real people don’t, and moreover, governments and businesses around the world, large and small, no longer do. Nor ever will again.

Like Ali and Foreman show above, it is all about the individual. Ali did more humanitarian work behind the scenes that nobody even knew about for poor people and less fortunate than many will ever know. Ali knew God cared about how we treated people, not his accomplishments in boxing.

You have the power to win by knockout in any fight or endeavor in life if you want.

As can, you, the individual, help people, on a daily basis, if you want.

It’s a choice.

Good people help other people. No need to make a song and dance about it. That’s it. Simple.


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