With some tough news in boxing recently with the fallout of Errol Spence from the Pacquiao fight, another door has opened as one door closed, as regards world title fights.

Isn’t it always the way.

And, it’s a bloody good one.

Jamel Herring and Shakur Stevenson will fight for the title on the following date and location:

Tremendous match up. Roll on.

Quick reader update. Got to Mexico yesterday. Brilliant. What a place. Instantly back at home and content in the sun near professional boxing people. Viva Mexico, the USA and Puerto Rico. Professional boxing and fighters continue to come on from these three countries in particular at the moment.

We’ll have some Mexican professional boxing bits and pieces coming up in the days ahead.

As regards the above fight, again, what a fight.

Nice to see Atlanta continue to excel at the moment and land these fights. Brilliant.

(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

Unbeaten Big Hitting 'Mexirican' Fights For First Professional Title

Unbeaten Big Hitting ‘Mexirican’ Fights For First Professional Title

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