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World champion in the making, undefeated Joey Borrero — returns to action this weekend in Mexico.

He fights for the vacant American Boxing Federation American West Super Light Title.

It will be the first title fight of his professional tenrure to date, one of which BoxRec currently has compiled as 7-0-6 KO.

Big punching Borrero from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA has both familial ties to Mexico and Puerto Rico and had been given the nickname recently of the ‘Mexirican’.

Nephew of Puerto Rican boxing legend Tito Trinidad, coupled with the above, Borrero’s strong amateur pedigree, steely mentality, improving all the time ability, heavy hands, work ethic and marketability, will make this fighter a big name at 140 lbs. we believe.

Sooner rather than later.

Speaking ahead of the fight he told Boxing News and Views:

“I feel great. Honestly. I haven’t felt like this in a while. My opponent, you know, his skill level is pretty good but nothing I have not dealt with, you know, I’ve dealt with world champions in sparring. It is nothing out of that level. So you know I’m pretty confident. I’m not over estimating myself because I know it’s a different level of opponent. It is my first ten rounder. So I’m excited for this title fight. This is going to open up a lot of doors. My performance in the gym was great. Weight cut was amazing. I feel great. I feel strong. So I’m ready to go. I’m definitely ready to go.”

He added later:

“We’re definitely coming back (to America) champions. This is the first stepping stone (to big things).”

The fight should be live on Mexican TV this weekend and we’ll be back on here with fight footage as soon as the fight is over, likely in the days after.

Big prospect to keep an eye, going under the radar but certainly, certainly a potential world champion in the making right here.


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