Tokyo Olympics Medal Table For Boxing

tokyo olympics medal table for boxing

Isn’t funny.

Every Olympics rolls around and it’s always the same.

People who might not normally watch the sport all of a sudden saying how great it is.

That’s a good thing, though.

Then, as usual, the grass roots side of the sport in pretty much every country, gets little funding if any.

Without grassroots boxing at amateur level, there is no grassroots boxing even at professional level, and then further down the road at world champion level. At the highest level of boxing.

This year’s Olympics all the same was top notch, a real bright light of hope during a dark time for the world.

Here are the final tallies:

Cuba always strong.

Always will be.

Professional boxing different, obviously, but the above an interesting insight.

Might be worth putting together a chart like this soon for every Olympics of the last fifty years and add up the various medals.

Credit to all the boxers who participated at the Olympics this year.

A great success for boxing without doubt.


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2021 Olympics Bright Light Of Hope And A Success For Boxing