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Irish Mick Conlan produced a very good win indeed recently in Belfast against TJ Doheny.

Showing his improvement to date in the professional boxing ranks had come along.

Right on time.

The atmosphere looked quite excellent in Belfast, as it is always is, the best boxing fans in the world, Belfast boxing fans:

Found his professional boxing style for sure by this point by the looks of it, body shots and all-action, almost Mexican, professional boxing at its most exciting and entertaining.

That’s where many of the best professional fighters are from in the world at the end of the day, Mexico, Conlan’s pro style is shaping up this way but his ability to box will always be useful too.

Professional boxing is the highest level of boxing and Conlan no doubt will look to fight his way to the very top of it, sooner, rather than later.

He has now posted the atmosphere in Belfast last week.

Impressive to say the least:


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