2021 Olympics Bright Light Of Hope and A Success For Boxing

In continued uncertain times for the world, given the world situation, the Olympics this year proved to be a bright spark of hope.

Much needed in many ways.

It is hard to believe that the Olympics this year has been as good as it was for boxing.

In fairness.

Particularly when you go back to the Games before this.

Where boxing was nearly kicked out of the Olympics completely. For the first time in history.

This one redeemed Olympic Boxing on all counts.

When you consider how amateur boxing is vastly under reported worldwide, as well as under funded, compared to professional boxing, at the highest level, this Olympics showed amateur boxing could teach professional boxing a thing or two.

This Olympics delivered.

We thought it might.

Quality fights.

Non stop action.

Not too much controversy regarding decisions.

No over flooding of too many titles.

Straight forward format with winners and losers, that’s sport, after all.

The best fighting the best, of amateur boxing, that is.

A big success, overall, in fairness.

Culminating in great wins today for the likes of Bakhodir Jalolov of Uzbekistan winning Heavyweight Gold, Kellie Harrington of Ireland winning Olympic Gold, four medals for team USA, a very strong medal showing from the likes of team GB with six medals and others such as Cuba, Brazil, Uzbekistan etc.

And great wins for many other nations in boxing this games across the board.

Yes, professional boxing at world title level is the highest level of boxing but without amateur boxing, and grass roots boxing, there is no big time boxing.



Conor McGregor Reacts To New Women's Boxing Olympic Gold Medallist

Conor McGregor Reacts To New Women’s Boxing Olympic Gold Medallist

Big hat tip tip to Jake Donovan for all the international coverage this year on Twitter for all the fights from all the nations:

Jake Donovan on Twitter: “All of my Olympics stories have been filed and published. That’s a wrap. Two-plus weeks and 276 fights later, I have never been prouder of the work I have contributed as a boxing writer. Next stop… HOME! #HumbleBrag #TokyoOlympics #Boxing” / Twitter

By far the best coverage worldwide from anyone looking for all the boxing coverage in all countries.

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Amanda Serrano Makes Good Point On All Time Boxing List

Amanda Serrano Makes Good Point On All Time Boxing List

Moreover, after a fair few hard knocks and heavy hits this year the dark days of self-sabotage, grief, carnage, self-harm out of one’s head completely and depression over now too. F*** this traumatic self destruction s*** the last couple of weeks. Since a cancelled/constantly delayed/rearranged work appointment that meant everything. Heavy hit to take for now in fairness. No reason to be here anymore now. Will never give up or lose hope but got to let this crazy s*** in the world pass for a bit and see what the landscape is and s***. Know who are family at this point anyway. Passports don’t mean s***. Time to move on. Better days ahead. Simple simon mother f****** will miss us when we gone. Done f***** up now. They are on their own for now in the world. Don’t know anything though, just some moron. Mexico, USA and Puerto Rico all day. Time for a vacation. Seven years of intense unexplainable to put into words or communicate affliction since learning of someone leaving this world without getting to meet her until one day in heaven. Healed now. Some of that pain will always be there in truth. Know that now. But, overall, life is good. Moving on and time to take a vacation.


Muhammad Ali NFT Digital Collectibles To Hit The Boxing World

Muhammad Ali NFT Digital Collectibles To Hit The Boxing World

Better days are coming. Cigarettes and wrong diet again literally nearly a killer again recently. Have to be deadly careful moving forward. Thank God for the Bible, would be lost without it, Jesus Christ is the ultimate. Nothing like it. If you believe, the kingdom of God is within you and you are not of this world, ultimately, your citizenship resides in the Kingdom of the one Almighty God in the after life, one day.

Right. Now then. Back to work soon. We’ll be on here more regularly after this short trip concludes soon. Got through it all in the end, time to move on now.


Deontay Wilder Helps Alabama Women's Basketball Team

Deontay Wilder Helps Alabama Women’s Basketball Team

All good.

Congrats to all the boxers at this years Olympics. An impeccable showing across the board.

Look after yourselves and God bless.


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