Amanda Serrano Makes Good Point On All Time Boxing List

You know, it’s funny sometimes, life.

You could be here today, gone tomorrow.

Dead-dead. Gone-gone.

A lot of times, you learn things about humans just by saying, and doing, nothing.


Particularly when times get very bad in the world. Evil never wins though. Good does at the end. Always. The good guys always do. We know this.

There ain’t nothing the devil and his minions can do about it. He’s never getting back into heaven. No lobbyist or nothing can change the will of God. It is impossible. Most laws in the West are still based on the word of God, in any courtroom, under oath of the Bible.

That’s how alive and powerful the word of God is. It cuts through everything right at the source of all things, and always will. A mirror upon you but also, interfacing as a mirror onto anyone you come into contact with. A two-way street in the balancing, half-chance — choice-driven — book of your life. Ultimately, no one can judge anyone other than God.

We don’t know anything, of course, but if this whole world situation has taught us anything the last couple of years, it is this.

When the going got really tough in the world and emerging new champions and fighters emerged, they seemed to come from three countries more than anywhere else.

America, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

If you were going into any battle or war, maybe these three would be the ones you’d want with you, alongside you, more than any other three friends.

Not sure why that was, but those three, yes, they can really fight when things get bad and way, way down the road, when things get really, really bad, near the end of the world (climate change etc.), no doubt they’ll come in handy and useful.

Only God knows that final day obviously. America was founded on Judeo Christian ethics, wasn’t it, simply get us Christians and Jews to be better friends and maybe that will help America a bit. They will too, certainly at the end. Jesus Christ loves everyone anyway.

Back to one of the above countries, one such champion from Puerto Rico is of course Amanda Serrano.

Not many realize just how accomplished she is.

This all-time list, as a matter of fact, testament to as much:

Everyday is a school day.

Stellar stuff indeed above from Serrano.


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