Conor McGregor Reacts To New Women’s Boxing Olympic Gold Medallist

Conor McGregor Reacts To New Women's Boxing Olympic Gold Medallist

Ireland’s Kellie Harrington burst onto the world stage at this year’s Olympics with an exemplary campaign in the ring.

Attention has turned now to if she will go pro and being in and around the same weight category as Irish boxing legend Katie Taylor, a natural fight between the two could perhaps be made down the road.

Certainly a fight of interest to Ireland, UK, Europe etc.

Although many might not know of either outside of these places, that is not fair, as, both are excellent world champions in their own respective professional and amateur codes.

One fight star who is known worldwide however, Conor McGregor, gave his kudos to new Olympic Gold medallist Harrington who said on Twitter:

“God bless you Kelly Harrington. What a journey! In the background then emerged forward, and then went and done absolutely everything you said you where going to do. Olympic Gold medal champion! The condition you are in is incredible. Real work ethic. Congratulations Kelly.”

Katie Taylor also said on Twitter:

“OLYMPIC CHAMPION!!! Outstanding Kellie!”


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