Claressa Shields and Manny Pacquiao React To Simone Biles Pull Out

In recent days team USA Olympian Simone Biles has made world news.

After citing mental health issues for withdrawing from this year’s Olympics.

Two well-known boxers have given their thoughts on the move.

Former Olympic Gold medalist Claressa Shields and pound for pound champion Manny Pacquiao.

Speedy recovery.

For balance, there is a difference between mental health issues for some athletes and others genuinely just not being good enough in a given competition.

Knowing the difference and giving space to those who are genuine key.

You always have to remember too that to be the best in any competitive walk of life, be it sport or business or whatever, there is perhaps an element, a small bit maybe, of madness.

At that very elite level.

A space where the margin of error is so thin.

An obsession needed, if you will.

Something that makes people tick outside of just money that comes and goes in life or meaningless fame.

For instance, you’d never hear Ray Robinson in boxing back in the day complaining about his problems.

Giving out about adversity or hardships he had.

He just got on with things and this mentality ingrained in him saw him take on challenges at all times.

There is a balance to everything.

Basketball player Michael Jordan said one time:


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