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Boxing Olympics Results Day 7 Updates

As the Olympics now makes a move towards the business end of the tournament shortly — attention narrows in on proceedings.

While it is hard to find purely boxing results from an international perspective and action from all countries, as, what you will see is, most coverage is done on a country by country basis.

Jake Donovan (hat tip) however is putting together the international boxing coverage live on the ground in Tokyo for world boxing fans.

Here are the results so far today, more to follow on this thread in a few hours time, which will be updated:

The afternoon action will resume in a couple of hours time.

As you can see, it is all happening at the moment.

Soon we will be at the medals stage.

Thread to be updated shortly:

Well done to Donovan for this. Literally, you won’t find anyone in the world doing international coverage like this.

For all countries.

Everything is done by a country by country basis usually.

Due to rights issues for the Olympics in some of these different territories.

Back tomorrow as things continue to build in Tokyo.


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