Right, boxing is well and truly underway the last couple of days in Japan.

A lot to look over and watch this week as things begin to take shape.

From a team USA standpoint former Olympic Gold medalist and pound for pound champion Andre Ward said of the opening action:

We are back at this now.

Apparently collapsed and had to be rushed to hospital last week, exhaustion from travel and in the heat, and blacked out, lived to fight another day again haha. All good, no problems, was in and out that day thank God. Too much bloody sun without sun protection, big mistake. Back to life fully almost the last couple of days, no bother. Weight loss in effect soon for the next few weeks big time too. Diet time. For anyone travelling at the moment in the crazy world situation and are in the heat for extended periods of time — wear sunscreen. Seriously.

All good. On the last leg of this travel thing for a while soon anyway.

Right, now, there’s a lot to look to look forward to this week and a huge amount of action coming every day now in the Olympics. Have not been able to access work recently due to internet issues but hopefully we should have plenty of internet in the time ahead.

Big fight for Conor Benn this weekend too, son of Nigel Benn, the former world champion.

Roll on. He has shown tremendous promise. Interested to see how he boxes this weekend.

The Olympics looks very good so far also.

So much to analyze shortly on here.

(Photo credit: Jen Rynda/Wikimedia Commons)

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