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Why Putin Really Invaded Ukraine

Olympic boxing is well underway and a lot of action is coming thick and fast over the opening days.

Poor atmosphere due to the world situation affecting the games, in fairness.

Many local Japanese not even wanting the Olympics to go ahead at all this year.

But for the athletes who have worked hard, sacrificed and prepared, this is still a huge deal.

It still means something.

Many have been commenting on how to get the boxing action stream, for more info — this will help you:

Quick update, just been temporarily travelling to a foreign country the last few weeks, we’ll be back on here soon more consistently in the days and weeks ahead.

Lost interest completely in truth and just didn’t care, back in a place where, era, just no longer from anymore, to be honest, will politely hand back and renounce the passport at the earliest legal opportunity down the road at some point. Big shout out and much love to family and friends in other countries, they know who they are. On we go again.

Just a few weeks more of this trip left thank God, either way, we’ll be moving on again. Safe.

Great boxing to look forward to in the weeks ahead in fairness. Big shout out and big respect to team USA too. So much new boxers emerging at the moment in this year’s games. Nice to see.

Enjoy the boxing ahead and look after yourselves.

Take care and God bless.

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