Keith Thurman knows Manny Pacquiao well having fought him in a close split decision loss back in 2019.

He knows about Pacquiao’s fight style, movement, awkward angles and speed.

Speaking to Fight Hype Thurman has mentioned he thinks Pacquiapo has ‘slowed down a little’.

This could be of slight concern for Pacquiao as he will need to be razor-sharp not just with his hands — but crucially — with his feet.

To get in and out of range and to slip, counter and neutralize the Spence jab.

A formidable tool in the arsenal and combat artillery of ‘The Truth’.

Spence is coming into his prime in the years ahead and no doubt will look to impose his youth, strength and boxing skill on Pacquiao next month.

Round by round.

As time goes on.

Pacquiao tends to get stronger as rounds go on too, however.

Which, makes it for a compelling bout in store, everyway you look at it.


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