It is quiet in boxing at the moment but not quiet enough to forget about what will be the fight of the decade slipping away soon if things are not highlighted more.

Errol Spence vs Terence Crawford eventually will build into a mega fight down the road.

When it happens, it could very well represent a fight to establish who actually is the best fighter in the world.

Pound for pound.

Both of them are formidable fighters but the concern is it happens when they are in their late thirties (37,38,39 etc.) or early forties (41, 42, 43 etc.).

Boxing did this with some big fights before and can’t afford to do it with this fight, when it does, eventually, happen.

Boxing ability is what counts at the highest level of the sport and these two are the cream of the crop among a few others at the moment in this realm.

The fact they are close in age and in the same weight category makes this a must fight for every boxing fan in the world to enjoy at some point.

Boxing fans need to relentlessly pressure and ask for this fight to the promoters, networks and fighters not just on social media but when they see them in person.

That is how it will happen.

Boxing needs this fight to happen more than any other.

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