The Journeyman Boxer Always An Essential Cog In The Boxing Wheel

Nothing wrong with being a journeyman boxer at all.

Far from it.

Often times boxing fans forget just how important the role of the journeyman boxer is in the sport.

Without them, boxing would not be what it is as a professional sport, when you think about it.

Typically a journeyman boxer, sometimes referred to as a ‘club fighter’, is a professional fighter of competent ability but not necessarily a contender or champion.

Often times going from a different promoter or manager to secure pay days on an ad hoc basis.

Sometimes used as an opponent for rising stars to get experience with or sometimes — they even upset the apple cart to stop a prospect in his tracks.

The journeyman boxer has always been an important and respected part of boxing and always will.

Not only a vital cog in world professional boxing but also in preparation and sparring of other fighters too.

A story perhaps not told enough but some excellent hidden gems of stories in journeymen fighters, no question.

This an excellent view if you get some spare time over the weekend:

(Hat tip Channel 4 YouTube)


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