Shawn Porter Gives Back To Grassroots Boxing

In the sometimes stupid world of professional boxing it is often lost upon some of the good boxing does.

At grass roots level.

There is no heavyweight championship fights in the first place without grassroots boxing.

Just remember it.

Business is business of course and have to separate the two but it is important that grassroots boxing is highlighted, as without it, there is no boxing to begin with.


Former world champion Shawn Porter this weekend was at Barry’s Boxing kids class in Las Vegas on hand with coaching:

Shawn Porter Gives Back To Amateur Boxing
Shawn Porter at Barry’s Boxing Center in Las Vegas with coaches Pat Barry and Erik King

Very good.

With the Olympics coming up in Japan soon, the above a timely reminder how professional boxers still give back to grassroots boxing.

Not just with money but with their time. Valuable time. Not to be wasted or given to just anybody. Those who deserve it and have earned the respect for it.

Porter should be back in the ring soon himself in professional boxing.

He had a comeback win last year in August of 2020 and before that the loss to Errol Spence in 2019.

At just 33 and with the way he looks after himself and lives the life of a professional athlete Porter will still be a force at welterweight for many years to come.

Don’t be surprised if he’s back in the mix of a world title fight sooner rather than later.


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