Shawn Porter On Who Hits Harder Between Spence and Pacquiao

Shawn Porter On Who Hits Harder Between Spence and Pacquiao

Next month’s epic fight of the summer between Errol Spence Jr. and Manny Pacquiao is not long away now.

A throwback fight in the welterweight division between an emerging pound for pound champion and a former one.

Pacquiao will be more than just the typical older lion against the younger one in Spence.

He has attained much more strings to his bow than most of his 42-year-old age bracket and has made an effort to get even better, somehow, as he got older.

Successful in doing so.

The advent of modern science, technology and supplements assisting of course but underneath that — basically — just steely determination and preservice — to bring the improvements to the surface.

Time and time again.

Alas, Spence knows plenty about hard work and dedication himself.

More of an introvert, more comfortable by surrounding himself with his close friends and family as he prepares.

Equally as deadly in action as his opponent.

Whereas Pacquiao an extrovert, surrounded by everyone in sight in LA at the moment.

Opponents have spoken about Pacquiao’s speed and power before but perhaps few are in as fair a position as two-time world champion ‘Showtime’ Shawn Porter to comment on both fighters’ heavy hitting.

Porter shared the ring with Spence in an outstanding, considerable fight in recent times.

Maybe one of the best fights the welterweight division has seen over the last decade.

Worth seeing over the weekend if you get some time:

(Hat tip PBC Boxing YouTube)

Porter has also sparred Manny Pacquiao.

So, therefore, he knows about how both fighters punch.

Speaking to EsNews YouTube (hat tip) he gave his comments on the punching department between the two:


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