Errol Spence Jr. takes on Manny Pacquiao next month in Las Vegas in what promises to be the fight of the summer.

A throwback old lion vs young lion bout in the welterweight division.

Both fighters met for the first time in person on Sunday and at one point Pacquiao mentioned he believed Spence to be a better boxer than retired champion Floyd Mayweather.

Speaking in reply Spence said:

“It is a great compliment. Like I said before, Manny Pacquiao is the kind of guy who will lull you to sleep with a lot of compliments and gratitude and things like that and suddenly then he’ll be all over you in the ring.”

Quite the fight awaits in the boxing ring between these two.

In a time where fights are falling out all over the place due to the world situation, this one will be a real ray of light for big time boxing next month.

Great fight to look forward to for boxing fans.


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