Tiger Alvarez or Canelo Woods on the golf course?

Pound for pound boxing star Saul Canelo Alvarez of Mexico has shown he also has a steady nerve when it comes to sinking putts on the golf course.

Calm there as well as in the boxing ring when taking out his opponents lately.

He was tested strongly by last opponent Saunders however. For sure.

The phrase ‘drive for show putt for dough’ was on display here by Alvarez who is reaching out to the golf world even — expanding boxing’s fan base to new demographics:

Very good.

Nice to see the coming together of the boxing and golf worlds.

Boxing can do with more corporate, blue chip, corporate America-specific sponsors.

New ones and new companies never before seen in boxing.

We’ll come back to this down the road in due course.

As for now, well done Alvarez.

He is understood to be in talks to take on Caleb Plant next in a huge fight.

Great fight if it happens please God.

Hopefully news of the contest will be forthcoming soon.


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