Blonde Bomber Grabs Attention With New Interview Dropping

Blonde Bomber Grabs Attention With New Interview Dropping

Australian Ebanie Bridges has done a good job getting interest in women’s boxing this year as well as many of the other female boxers.

A sport once not of a great standard or depth of professional athletes to be fair but this is certainly no longer the case.

If the networks put more money into it, it might, take off. No promises or guarantees though.

Each of these women boxers bring their own unique personality and fight ability.

Bridges’ ability to do this has brought a lot of interest to the sport coupled with her wit, intellect, being hot obviously and more than anything, able to fight. She can really fight and has a great personality.

This package has seen her get the blue tick on Twitter to be verified recently. Good to see her hard work pay off. Obviously they’d don’t mean much in the grand scheme of things and easy to give back if not wanted at anytime but for those looking for fame and professional athletes, there is a use for them.

Bridges has grabbed attention again for women’s boxing with this big interview soon:

Should be good.

It is unclear if Bridges is yet signed to a major network or promoter but does have a big fight coming up next month.

Another good example for Bridges to look at if she wants to achieve this, who did long ago, is boxing legend Katie Taylor of Ireland. An Olympic gold medalist and world champion as a professional.

An athlete of devout faith and God-fearing, also with a fan friendly style, Taylor was seen giving back recently to her local community here:

Also this weekend, while quiet for boxing, there was some boxing action that got some attention in a good fight featuring Estrada:

(Hat tip DAZN YouTube)

Overall, women’s boxing’s interest appears to be increasing.


At a slow rate but a definitive, steady one nonetheless.


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