Wife Of Dustin Poirier Reacts To Conor McGregor Brutal Injury

Bull trash talk appears to have hit peak now.

Before tonight’s fight in Las Vegas between McGregor and Poirier even opponent’s wives were brought into the trash talk.

It didn’t come across well at all.

People just didn’t seem to engage with it as there was no wit or story line there.

Following the bout the wife of Dustin Poirier let McGregor know how she thought of the pre-fight trash talk:


There you have it.

Speedy recovery to Conor McGregor. Get well soon.

Whether under professional rules or on the street, likely these two fighters won’t have very pleasant things to say to one another moving forward.

That is fair to say.

It is a pity when this type of needless malice seeps into the fight game.

Usually the two fighters shake hands in most cases when the fighting is done and respect is shown.

Not in this instance.

Too bad.


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