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Clown Putin Mobilization Attempt Disintegrates

Self depreciation and humility key in anything in life, as anyone will tell you, the older you get.

Ultimately, on the journey for those lucky enough to find God, like former heavyweight champion and born again Christian George Foreman did, it goes part and parcel with it.

Foreman is maybe one of the best American fighters that ever lived.

But a lesson in how a fighter got older, too, that he was able to develop, improve and innovate to comeback later in his career.

Routed in his spiritual power and faith in Jesus Christ and the word of God in the Bible.

Everyone entitled to their beliefs of course and good to have respect for all people equally.

Isn’t it funny.

Everyone wants to talk these days but nobody wants to listen. That is a two way street, for believers in God too, whether Jews, Christians of all denominations (or without denomination) or Muslims. Or anyone. Period. Obviously once the Bible kicks in for believers, there’s never any going back then, but important to never push beliefs on anyone. Same goes for anyone with any ideology at the same time, opinion, creed or belief in anything. Each to their own.

Perseverance and determination is key in life to anything. The race is long, but in the end, it is only with God and yourself. It is sad that people give up on themselves in life sometimes. Never give up. The man that stops at nothing can’t be stopped.


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Tyson Fury Makes Surprising Remark Ahead Of Wilder Trilogy

The human being can survive more than its psychological propensities lead you to believe, and can adapt to anything. Fight to the death. The good fight of faith, that is. Have your own mind. It’s what makes humans different. No need to fit in to any ideologies or group thinks, be yourself, the individual, everyone else is taken. God gave everyone an ability and personality to achieve or do whatever you want in life. For real. It’s no one’s job to heal anyone else. Jesus Christ can. He’s with you every step of the way. Life don’t stop until the casket drop. No matter age. This life is only short but eternity is forever. Heck, we don’t know no nothing though. Each to their own. Respectfully.

The humility Foreman achieved later in life through his faith none more evident than here with this:

Quality. Class act Foreman.

What a cracking fight it was with Ali.

Here it is once again for a stroll down memory lane:

Anyway, back to work on this site now more regularly once again. Jet lag and travel tiredness gone now. Passed 4th PCR test consecutively once again this weekend. Done four now in three different countries over the last 12 months and all negative and passed. Thankfully. Nice to be back in Ireland for a short while, bloody heck though, forgot how grim the weather is here in the summer and how horrific the Dubs’ accents are. Just kidding. They’re grand.

We go again.

Thanks to the readers in different countries of BNAV for your continued support this year, in a crazy time, due to the mad, evolving world situation.

Humbled and grateful.

Lots of boxing to look forward to soon thank God. After McGregor this weekend in MMA — it’s flat out in boxing then until September.

Don’t forget, the Olympics too.

Time to roll.


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Manny Pacquiao Reveals Reason For Fighting Errol Spence

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