Boxing Continues To Find Itself Like The World In A Dubious Situation

Once again, boxing has had to contend with another big fight falling out due to the current world situation.

ESPN, one of the main networks carrying Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder 3, confirmed a short time ago that the fight will need to be postponed.

Currently October is being looked at as a date, they said.

It is now emerging that even people who have been vaccinated are still testing positive for Covid. This is being scientifically observed in many countries now. Not surprised.

That is now being reported in the majority of declining mainstream media at the moment. Across the board. As well as in the growing new media too.

Respectfully, you’d have to have serious concerns for America at this stage. Mainly with the new incompetent (so far) administration’s handling of everything. They need serious protection at this stage. They need to smarten up quickly.


George Foreman On What Losing To Muhammad Ali Taught Him

George Foreman On What Losing To Muhammad Ali Taught Him

Things seem to be going down in flames fast for the administration. They are in rapid decline now. Sad to see. Hopefully they can turn it around. Some governments and countries just do not have to required ability or brains to weather continued, soon to be catastrophic, problems for them. Because of the world situation. Too bad. They were warned long ago. Trust in God is the only way.

As for boxing, the sport will continue to survive like it always has and always will. Although some mentioned things were getting better, they clearly are not, in some regards.

Never lose hope though. God is good.

No spectators at the Olympics in Japan expected this month due to a new outbreak but still some good boxing to look forward to.

That said, some very talented American fighters in particular to look out for. As well as from many nations around the world.

Roll on.


New Date News On Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder 3

New Date News On Tyson Fury Vs Deontay Wilder 3