Life is a like a game of Texas Holdem poker someone once said.

Sometimes the chips are up. Sometimes the stocks are down. But in the end, only a journey to learn as much as you can and have a good life before passing on to eternal life.

Oldest heavyweight champion of all-time George Foreman is well known for many things.

Not least his iconic ‘Rumble In The Jungle’ with Muhammad Ali but also these days his golden wisdom.

Looking back after all these years Foreman said the one thing Ali taught him more than anything was:

Very true.

Can never take anything for granted.

Could be here today, gone tomorrow.

Foreman came back later in his career very strong and learned from his mistakes as he got older, clearly.

A great success story.

Culminating even outside of boxing with his world revered grill, heck of a bit of business.

A staple in many a household in all nations these days.

What an invention to be fair.


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Is Marijuana Banned In Boxing? Big Decision Finally Made

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