Bernard Hopkins On Errol Spence vs Pacquiao Fight

Bernard Hopkins On Errol Spence vs Pacquiao Fight

Former undisputed middleweight world champion Bernard Hopkins knows a thing or two about big time boxing it is fair to say.

A fighter who took on all challenges in his career when active and still, to this day, the oldest professional world champion in boxing there ever was.

He did so in 2013 by capturing the light-heavyweight title against Tavoris Cloud. Aged 48.

These days Hopkins is a promoter but still, as always, a fighter and fight fan at heart.

Next month sees a coming together of two big names in boxing in the form of Errol Spence and Manny Pacquiao.

Speaking to Fight Hype Hopkins gave his thoughts and prediction on the fight:

“Errol Spence will be victorious. I believe Errol Spence is fighting on a different level of mentality. A second chance of life. He might not have said it or he might have said it already. But I’m pretty sure that he understands that every chance that he get to reflect everyday, boxing or not boxing, on when he had that terrible accident. That he could look at anytime and know that he came from that. To then go in the ring and fight somebody who say they going to do something to you?”

He added:

“It’s going to be hard to convince him that is, Errol Spence, that you going to be victorious. And on top of that is skills in this sweet science that we call boxing. So between the motivation of a second time at life, especially in sports where you need your bones, you need your body, you need all these things that could have been tragically wasted, that there to me, along with his skills, and learning and getting better, as I see it, I don’t see him being beat for a long-time.”

Spence is still undefeated as a professional and successfully came back from a car accident last time out in December of 2020.

A unanimous decision victory over Danny Garcia in Arlington.

Pacquiao was also victorious last time out against Keith Thurman in July of 2020.

He won a split decision against Thurman that night in Las Vegas.

Pacquiao holds a professional record of 62-7-2-39 KO while Spence is 27-0-21 KO.


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