Deontay Wilder Will Attempt What Tyson Fury Did When They First Fought


There is perhaps few less compelling story lines in all of sport than the art of the comeback.

Boxing fans can’t get enough of them.

Along with boxing legends and grassroots boxing, comebacks and upset wins are perhaps what make the sport so special at its core.

Boxing is a place and endeavor where consensus opinion or even statistics frequently get disposed of as unimportant.

Boxing has that magic about it.

It always did.

When Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder first fought a few years ago very few, if any, gave Fury a chance.

He had come into the bout off the back of sustained depression and blackouts for many years along with astonishing amounts of weight gained, as well as substance and alcohol issues.

He proved the world wrong however and fought to a draw, many believing he won on the night.

Getting up from a near certain knockout, according to logic at least, punch, to throw logic out the window and finish the fight strong.

The second fight however in February 2020 saw Fury win convincingly inside the distance.

Some had suggested Deontay Wilder had gone into a dark place for a period after the fight but this is something he says was never the case.

Fast forward to July 2021 and Deontay Wilder, either way you look at it, finds himself in a very similar position to what Fury did when they first fought years ago.

Not many are giving him a chance.

Not many believe he can be a force at heavyweight again.

This factor takes a lot of pressure off him and makes Wilder even more dangerous, if it were even possible, given the concussive punching power he has.

An intriguing fight in store come July 24th.

When you think of the art of the comeback, maybe one word comes to mind.



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