Blonde Bombshell Reacts To Gervonta Davis Knockout

Blonde Bombshell Reacts To Gervonta Davis Knockout

Female boxing sensation Ebanie Bridges of Australia was one of the many who were impressed with Gervonta Davis’ win at the weekend.

His knockout finish of Mario Barrios prompted the following from Bridges:

The power of Davis clearly travels through the weight categories.

Hence making him such an exciting fighter with boxing fans and casual sport fans alike.

Some however are already looking for him to go up to welterweight:

Seems a bit of a crazy stretch at the moment.

Most of the big fights for now are actually in lower weight classes but then again, imagine how huge some of the fights at welterweight would be for him one day.

Seems like more of a thing for down the road however as he is still very young.

Potentially he could go back down a weight class or so and then one day go to welterweight anyway.

So many fights ahead for the exciting Davis and indeed for all these fighters and champions in and around 130 lbs. to 147 lbs.

What a time for boxing.


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