George Foreman Speaks On His Best Friend

Former heavyweight champion and born again Christian George Foreman has seen it all in the ring and in life, no question about it.

His example not only in boxing but outside the ring being stellar for the sport. Like so many of boxing’s legends and trainers through the years in fairness.

No one perfect though other than God and we’re all only human after all, humility key to life in any walk of the Earth.

Foreman while ferocious in the ring during his time perhaps had a secret weapon outside of it in the form of his pet that he remembered, which, people are absolutely loving on social media:

Awesome stuff.

While dogs and animals are great, also important to remember in today’s crazy times, to help people first and foremost and be kind as much as we can, regardless of what country one is in, whether to the elderly, sick, poor, or whoever in need, with everyone being equal.

Without expecting anything in return, where possible and sensible.

Balance surely where the ultimate wisdom is acquired. Along the experience gathering journey of life, that is.

Foreman above an excellent example of this later in his career where his faith transformed him both in the ring and outside the ring.

Inside of it, this being probably a pinnacle point for older fighters throwing common logic and convention out the window in terms of historic boxing achievements:

Great fight.

Some good boxing coming up soon this month or so moving forward.

Particularly at heavyweight between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder.

We at Boxing News and Views are looking forward to it.

Roll on.


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