Nearly 47 Years On George Foreman Brutally Honest On Muhammad Ali Loss

Nearly 47 Years On George Foreman Brutally Honest On Muhammad Ali Loss

The iconic ‘Rumble In The Jungle’ will forever be part of boxing, sport and popular culture history.

It showed how Ali was able to make the impossible become possible.

Going into it, Ali was given a chance by very few.

Foreman was perceived as too strong, too young and too ferocious.

Particularly with some believing Ali’s best days were past him.

After losing years out of the ring for not enlisting in the Vietnam war.

Costing him his license for a while.

But Ali, like the genius he was, showed never to underestimate, or, cross a genius.

Unless you want some serious consequences that is.

He used a strategy that night that fooled everyone.

But not himself.

He played a little game while going through the tough times. He essentially let Foreman batter him for most of the fight.

To let his guard down and learn all about who Foreman really was.

When you let your guard down, in a vulnerable state or when one is not at their best, going through the dark, bad and tough times, you see, in the end, this is actually the real opportunity to discover who people really are when observing them while in this state — for discernment purposes.


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To discover their real motivations. While they think they might be studying you, them or those closest to them are actually the ones being studied when they think no one is watching, and least suspect it. You see, that’s how you catch out the snakes and demons in this life to avoid them and stick with the good people. Discerning of spirits to focus on what is not seen necessarily in the spiritual battle between good and evil. Some people might call it getting a vibe or energy from something, similar thing. Certainly weather changes in the environment and animals like dogs, cats, birds and so forth, at least to myself, give a sense of this also. You can almost know what people are thinking after a while.


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Put on the full armor of God. Resist the devil and he will flee. After that of course, we are commanded by God to love thy neighbor as thy self. Commanded to love yourself and your enemies. All this is only to help them in the end. God will do the fighting for you. Muhammad Ali knew this outside of the boxing ring. Inside of it, he could fight his heart out like no other.

Ultimately, God is good and much more patient than the devil. The devil is terribly overrated and only as powerful as you let him be. Never argue with a fool or the devil. Just stay quiet, patient and keep following the path of God. God crushes the devil within seconds at the end of the day.

Respectfully, each to their own of course.

Going into the Ali fight, Foreman said he would beat the devil out of Ali in the fight.

Foreman was wrong in every single way he could have imagined.

He was up against a God-fearing top tier champion.

Contrarily, the above mid-fight learning from Ali might not have being done when he was at his strongest.


Okay, maybe a crazy, maybe scary to some, painful lesson to get this learning, downloading and notes.

But it sure as heck worked for Ali. The only thing he really feared all along was God.

Ah yes, it was a masterful boxing fight by Ali in the end.

The old ‘Rope a Dope’.

To the untrained eye it was a foolish endeavor.

But not to Ali. He wasn’t pretending as some might have suggested either.

He was genuinely going through a torrid, terrible time for a while in that fight. How he took such a beating showed who he was. Everyone takes a beating in life once in a while. No matter who you are.

He knew better though. Ali was a fighter gifted by God.

All the while in the fight, learning, downloading and taking notes on Foreman. Tiring Foreman out.

As the rounds went on, he started to know that Foreman wouldn’t last the test of time.

Then adapted mid fight.

He turned on his ability at the end when he had to. Then ended everything.

Alas, Foreman, to this very day, conceded he was just up against a different type of indivudal:


What a fighter.

Gone but never forgotten.

Rest in peace Muhammad Ali.

Here’s how he did the above in one of, still to this day, the greatest fights of all-time:


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