At 44-Years-Old This Shows Floyd Mayweather Is Still Very Sharp

The best pound for pound fighter of his era, Floyd Mayweather, returns to the ring in an entertainment exhibition this weekend in Miami, Florida.

Not many really know what to be expect outside this weekend’s Logan Paul bout being for entertainment firstly.

That said, Paul has trained for the fight and is coming in there to throw hands.

Mayweather, as this clearly shows, even at his age, still has more boxing IQ, boxing brains, coordination and ability than most:

(Hat tip Fight Hub TV YouTube)

There is quite a bit going on there.

One of the great geniuses in boxing history, unquestionably.

Whatever one’s opinion of this weekend’s exhibition is, it will attract a lot of attention to boxing given Mayweather’s involvement.

Even in retirement he is still one of if not the biggest name in boxing today.

Not only will this weekend bring in a new generation of fans to boxing, but many boxing fans, no matter what they say, will tune in to see what happens as Mayweather represents the best fighter of his time.

On the undercard there’s a great fight to keep an eye on too from a professional boxing standpoint.

An enjoyable one to look forward to as well.

Jarrett Hurd vs Luis Arias.

Although many in boxing will be familiar with Hurd, have heard great things about Arias.

He hasn’t fought in a couple of years and is coming off the back of defeat but keep an eye on this Arias.

Good fight potentially.

A big weekend all round in Florida with the world cryptocurrency events and conferences taking place too.


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