Mike Tyson On What Saved His Life After Years Of Chaos

Mike Tyson On What Saved His Life After Years Of Chaos

The topic of certain drugs to treat depression or other drugs has been prevelant recently in today’s times for humanity but really, this is nothing new.

The US army years ago tested all these things in some shape or form but it appears the realization that the war on drugs is a lost one, will bring the world closer to regulation at this time.

The lawlessness spirit in the world is perhaps growing but ultimately, respectfully, each to their own.

Legalizaing drugs will allow at least governments to control and regulate these substances.

Former heavyweight champion and devout Muslim Mike Tyson credits his faith and certain substances for helping him after his boxing career:

Good stuff from old Tyson but really, the other athlete there at the end dropping more knowledge and wisdom in fairness.

These things need to brought about through the regulated medical profession first in the appropriate, legal and correct manner.

Regulation is key.

Everyone reacts to different substances differently and Mike Tyson is not a licensed medical professional.

That said, if his message even helps a few, that can only be a positive thing.

Understanding and wisdom is required.


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