Lennox Lewis Responds To An Alleged Beef Once And For All

Lennox Lewis Responds To An Alleged Beef Once And For All

The history of heavyweight boxing is stacked with great champions.

From different eras.

Each represented different journeys for them and the sport’s history.

At different times.

It is very hard, therefore, to compare champions of past and present but alas, boxing fans always do.

It was mentioned before that former undisputed heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis had some sort of beef or problem with modern day champion Anthony Joshua. Or that he hates Joshua.

Lewis speaking to one boxing fan he cleared this up once and for all saying:

“Wrong. No hate, politricks narrative.”


“The heavyweight scene is heating up. History to be made. Soundbites sells, Legacy stands the test of time.”

The current heavyweight landscape is certainly a little more clear than it was this last year.

Joshua looks like he will take on Usyk next.

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder will fight for a third time this summer in Las Vegas.

Outside of that, there is a whole host of up and coming heavyweight talent and experienced fighters battling their way up the rankings too.

Heavyweight boxing is in a great place.


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