Errol Spence vs Manny Pacquiao came out of nowhere with its news in some regards last week.

A quality fight and a very welcome one to the summer addition of boxing line up.

It shows really how much Pacquiao even at his age still believes in his ability to compete at the highest level in boxing.

God-fearing Pacquiao looking back at his boxing career has showed this right the way through.

A phenomenal mentality but he is up against in the form of one of the best fighters pound for pound in boxing today.

One former pound for pound number one in the form of Floyd Mayweather isn’t writing off Pac Man just yet however.

He is reported to have said:

“He is still very dangerous.”


Still plenty of speed and experience against operators at the highest level will make him a handful.

You’d get the sense Spence knows this though, and will prepare accordingly.


Former Pac Man Opponent Breaks Down Pacquiao vs Spence

Former Pac Man Opponent Breaks Down Pacquiao Vs Spence