Blonde Boxing Beauty Returns To The City Of Rocky

Blonde Boxing Beauty Returns To The City Of Rocky

Standout women’s boxing star Ebanie Bridges is now left with the task of being the biggest star for the entire sport of women’s boxing now that Claressa Shields is competing in MMA.

For now.

Bridges grabbed attention this year out of nowhere and has been back training and sparring in Philadelphia.

The city where the iconic movie ‘Rocky’ is based.

She has updated fans of this on social media and it will be interesting to see what opportunities in America she is offered in particular.

Boxing and sport fans in America this year have shown huge interest in the Australian who, outside of being obviously very attractive, can also seriously fight and is very intelligent.

Basically, she needs one big fight in America to really bring her on.

More than likely that will kick on women’s boxing a bit more then. So many quality world champions in different countries but it still really needs that big star and fight.

Bridges and Shields by far bringing more interest than any of the other women’s boxers.

Certainly from the numbers we’ve seen so far this year.

For now though, interest in women’s boxing has waned a bit in a sporadic period.

The depth is there for the women boxers now for sure.

It is all about the matchmaking and opportunities for them at this point.

That is simply up to the networks and event organizers.

(Photo credit: Ebanie Bridges Twitter)