Update On Boxing Ahead Of Boxing Olympics 2021

Update On Boxing Ahead Of Boxing Olympics 2021

This year’s Olympics in Japan are going to be done in strange times no doubt following the world situation.

Boxing is still in the Olympics though. Thankfully.

It was close to getting the chop after the disgraceful deceit and corruption that happened in Brazil four years ago.

Many boxers getting robbed.

The head of the AIBA, the organization responsible for amateur boxing internationally, is fighting against this now.

This update on Twitter from the organization’s chief from Russia Umar Kremelev is great to see, ahead of the upcoming Olympics in particular:

Very good.

Let’s hope some men and women in Switzerland in particular are listening.

Everything will be watched with a razor blade this year at the Olympics for boxing.

After what happened the last time the sport nearly got kicked out of the Olympics.

The above is great to see.

Hopefully all scoring will be fair and to the best of the ability of the officials involved.

No one is perfect but all the boxers from the different countries will just ask for a fair fight.