Floyd Mayweather Bitcoin News During Fear-Driven Time

Floyd Mayweather Bitcoin News During Fear-Driven Time

It has been rather bewildering to see the amount of pointless worry and fear from people in this whole Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market at the moment.

Don’t worry about nothing. No point. Worrying and fear achieve nothing.

The actions of the Chinese government have nothing to do with anything as regards this thing. Who cares. Irrelevant. Forget them. Hit the road. No good. That’s it for them now. Chinese a great people in fairness but the irrelevant, nonsense fear from their Communist government on cryptocurrency is pointless. How are the damn carbon emissions in China by the way. Exactly. There you go. The highest in the world.

Elon Musk and Tesla never sold their Bitcoin and won’t for quite some time. They’ve invested hugely by the billions for a reason.

Crazy Musk even said only yesterday that the mining of Bitcoin is looking to be improved soon. That’s right Musk. Settle down Musk, but, at the same time, all credit to Musk at the end of the day for already improving the mining of crypto to be more environmentally forthright. Very good Musk.

All these digital currencies and blockchain, as a concept, are just going to continue to grow and grow in the free world in the years to come.

All due respect, the concept cannot be stopped now. Like the internet, regular people will continue to use it. The wheels are in motion and anything that benefits humanity, whether it be Uber or other inventions like crypto, will stand the test of time.

Always the way.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather it turns out will be in attendance at the Bitcoin conference this summer in Miami, Florida:


Notable boxers such as Paulie Malignaggi and others in boxing have been big supporters of crypto and blockchain already too.