Mike Tyson Drops A Truth Bomb

Mike Tyson Drops A Truth Bomb

The Mike Tyson podcast has been in full flow in recent times.

If one respectful observation can be made though, and not sure if it is purposeful, but, the co-hosts seem to be getting the chop regularly.

Old Tyson might be hard to work with.

Not likely though.

More likely, is that he wants to keep changing the co-hosts to get different perspectives all the time on the show.

Not a bad methodology, in fairness, if that is how it is.

Speaking on change, Tyson dropped some wisdom yet again with this one on the latest episode:

“You can’t change the world unless you change yourself.”

Very good Tyson. Applies to every single person on the face of this Earth, too. You learn from your mistakes the older you get. The truth is, there’s no such thing as safety in numbers.

Right at the end, at the very end that is, it will be just you and God.

Change is in fact, a constant state of perpetual mental, physical and spiritual motion that every single human being is in anyway, right from the moment they are born, to the present, until the day they die, full of ups and downs.

The book of life. You are writing it one second at a time, right now. Nothing else matters.

The only consistency in the voyage is the living in its present. Right now. What are you doing. Currently at this time.

As you, the individual.

Never from a group ideology standpoint.

The idea is never change who you are at your core. Be yourself as everyone else is taken.

But, rather, the school of thought on change, however you define the word, is to propel growth by simply working on weaknesses with humility and sharpening strengths to become a more balanced human being.

Bringing the best version of yourself to the table as time goes on. A kinder, stronger and better person at the end of the journey of life.

There’s a balance to everything at the end of the day. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just take a leap of faith. Let God take over your life, just try it, see what happens.

The results might surprise you in a very good way.

Thus, allowing each individual (never the group) as part of a family (who are all individuals, all with different personalities too) to contribute to a cause, company or whatever it is that God put in their heart during their lifetimes that was their goals, objectives, missions and dreams.

After that, put in the work and let God do the rest. Purpose, therefore, ultimately can only be defined by almighty God.

The sad thing is, the majority of people go through their lives never finding their God-given talents and strengths to move them along this purpose, choice induced, life cycle. That, or, they give up too soon on their goals and objectives.

Miracles and dreams happen everyday. Sometimes, the miracle is you.

Follow God and you’ll find it.

Once again, without preaching or anything, just keeping it real, whatever understanding you have of God is, respectfully, something that is bigger than yourself or humans that created this whole thing in the beginning.

Only way we know to God is through the son, Jesus Christ and his teachings for growth but each to their own.

As for old Tyson, maybe we’ll see him back in a boxing exhibition against Lennox Lewis or someone before the year is concluded.

He’ll crack on again whatever the case might be.


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