George Foreman Is Spot On About Humanity

George Foreman Is Spot On About Humanity

It’s almost surreal to consider that George Foreman would not have been a big heavyweight by today’s times.

At 6’3 the likes of Wilder, Fury and Joshua would have actually towered over him.

His heart and fighting spirit would have had no problem equalizes that, though.

Indeed, he has been looking back at his fight record, statistics, tale of the tape and so forth recently.

He dropped another original wisdom bomb here on Twitter:

That knockout ratio still takes some beating in fairness.

On what he’s saying, another alternative angle and insightful way at looking at forgiveness.

Foreman on the money again, without one another, what have we.

The oldest heavyweight champion had a spectacular boxing career and business career after it.

But perhaps his best gift he had in the end turned out to be just being himself, and all the intellect built up and shared over the years that came along with that growth journey on route to becoming born again in Jesus Christ.