Klitschko Coins A Simple But Common Sense New 4 Word Phrase

Klitschko Coins A Simple But Common Sense New 4 Word Phrase

Simplicity is genius someone said one time.

The Klitschko brothers despite being heavyweight champions in their eras in boxing were also brilliant inidviduals outside the ring.

Speaking many different languages and involved in a variety of endeavors.

So, you could say, they’re not your typical people for that matter, no less fighters.

The Klitschko documentary a great watch for anyone who hasn’t seen it. Very good show.

Wladimir Klitschko posted the following on Twitter which is very original, straight to the point and just all round useful in every sense of the word:

Not bad. Very cool actually. Makes sense too. Think about it.

Endurance has been required by us all more than ever these past couple of years.

For everyone, that’s for sure.

Really, when you look at the crazy times of the last couple of years, no one really bloody knows what’s going on.

Do they, come on.

Everyone is just walking around in their own illusion, or dream world, at the end of the day.

You can’t get inside someone’s head, see through their eyes, see what’s in their heart or ever fully know anyone.

That’s where the discernment, getting a sense of people, testing the spirits and focusing on what can’t be seen, versus what can be seen, comes in.

Very enjoyable piece of originality above from the Ukrainian. Very good Klitschko.

Indeed, both Klitschko and Anthony Joshua in recent days have been going off on Tyson Gypsy King Fury, with the former retweeting the latter.

Fury defeated Klitshsko in Germany quite a few years ago now. Joshua then beat Klitschko in a classic fight in the UK after that.


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