Heavyweight Champion As Real As It Gets On Boxing

Being grateful and thankful for where you are just for now is probably the quickest way to any interpretation of contentment or peace that you’ll find.

Happiness doesn’t exist. It’s simply a pursuit. The idea of it is conceptual at best. There was a good movie about that one time.

Any ratings system or definition of it from any literature is always flawed in the end.

Peace and contentment certainly exists though while enjoying the up and down journey of life. For sure.

World heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua knows that as this clearly shows:

Fair play. Great attitude.

He went from having a near undisputed heavyweight title fight with lineal champion Tyson Fury to nothing in a matter of days.

It is likely now he will take on Alexander Usyk next up.

Not an easy fight at all against genius Usyk.

The above says a lot though.

He’s right, nothing lasts forever, even life comes to and end of course. Even this world will one day.

When you actually consider the fractional percentage of so few professional boxers who make it to the top of the mountain.

Who become the world champion, retire with plenty of money and their health intact, it isn’t a big list in proportion to all the participants.

Joshua one of the lucky few of these young men who’s reached that pinnacle but as a competitor, he’ll still want that shot at the undisputed heavyweight championship of the world before it is all said and done.

Likely by the end of the year it will happen.

Fury takes on Wilder next up this summer in Vegas first up.


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